All our chickens, ducks and geese have large, free-range, fox-proof areas in which to roam.


We have a mixture of laying hens; Light Sussex, Green-Leg Partridge Hens, Cuckoo Marans, Lavender Marans and Gold Brahmas, all delightful characters.

We also have a Brahma cockerel so that we can breed this type for meat, they grow to a much bigger bird than the other breeds we have.  The Brahma is a strikingly handsome, docile and quiet chicken, despite its size.

Above - a young Brahma cockerel.

Right - the Light Sussex Hen.

Below - Geese lay large, pure-white eggs.

Left - Toulouse/Embden geese, Aylesbury ducks in background and one Runner duck.  The Runners lay the famous pale blue eggs.  The Aylesbury ducks are for eggs and meat, a big friendly bird.  

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